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100 Plus Club Entrants


Why not join the “100-plus” club and have a chance of winning a cash prize every week of the year. The "100 Plus" club is a means of fund raising. It has been running since 2004 and we are now looking for additional members.


The cost to join the “100 Plus” club is £1 per week for each number you want. To simplify administration, payments are made by standing order on a quarterly basis, i.e. £13 per quarter per number. For those who do not wish to pay by standing order, cheques payable to Elsenham Bowls Club or cash will be accepted.

How does it work

The scheme is administered by Trevor Hackett on behalf of the Bowls Club.

For those not paying by standing Order a quarterly invoice will be issued and on payment of that invoice, your number(s) will be entered into the weekly draw.

You will be allocated a number for each £1 per week you pay to the club.

Your number(s) will be entered into the draw each week for as long as you continue to be a member of the “100 Plus” club.

Every Saturday a draw will take place to select the winning number. The winner will be notified and the winning amount paid within 14 days of the draw taking place


There will be a total of 52 prizes each year.

There will be a minimum weekly cash prize of £5.

Every 5th week the prize will be £25 instead of £5

Every 13th week the prize will be £50 instead of £5

Every 52nd week the prize will be £100 instead of £5

In total there will be forty prizes of £5, eight prizes of £25, three prizes of £50 and one prize of £100. Therefore the total prize fund each year will be £650.

Income Raised          

All money raised will be accounted for as part of the general fundraising of the Bowls Club and will be for maintenance and equipment for the Green.





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