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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I get to Play in the Club Friendly Matches


As you enter the second door to the club house, the notice board on your immediate left will have an A4 sheet for each individual friendly match to be played that month. The sheet lists the name of the opposing team, the dress (grey or whites), the start time, whether itís home or away, tea & biscuits or meal and then the cost. It also identifies the captain for the match.


Enter your name in the relevant section of this match sheet if you are available and wish to play. Approximately one week before the match takes place the Captain will select the team from among the names on the match sheet and put a team sheet on the notice board directly opposite the notice board that held the original match sheet.


If you have been selected to play, tick the box next to your name on the team sheet so that the Captain knows you are still ok to play in that match. If you require transport for an away match, the team sheet will state a time to meet in the car park outside the club.



How do I get to Play in the NWEBA Wednesday evening League


Go into the Gents changing room and the notice board on the right will have a sheet listing all the male playing members of the club. The dates for all the Wednesday night fixtures is on the top of this sheet. If you are able to play on a Wednesday evening then put a tick in the box alongside your name for every Wednesday that you are available to play. If you are unavailable then put a cross in the box for the relevant day. Should your name not be shown on this list, add it to the bottom.


The League captains will select the players for the three teams from the available players and a team sheet will be placed on the noticeboard immediately on the left as you enter the Gents changing room. This will identify the players in each triple, the location of the match either home or away. The start time is always 6.15 pm and the dress is always greys. If you can still play on the date shown, tick the box next to your name so that the Captain knows that you are still available. If it is an away match and you need transport there will be a time stated to meet in the car park.

Unless there is a lightning storm or a cloud burst making the green unfit to play the match always goes ahead so make sure you have wet weather clothing available.


N.B It will be a rare event if the captain has not already contacted you about playing in the league. However, if he hasnít follow the procedure above.